Saving Businesses From Rapidly Changing Oregon Labor Laws

Brand Story – GNSA helps navigate new requirements easily and accurately

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Oregon is on the cutting edge for labor laws that revolve around employee rights. The state has seen a large volume of legislation passed over the last year — including a retirement plan mandate, paid family medical leave and minimum wage — with more on the horizon. 

Businesses must navigate these rapidly changing local, state or federal legislative developments. But keeping up with these evolving — and often confusing — regulations can be a drain on employers’ time, attention and bottom line. 

As employers’ legal responsibilities multiply, it makes good sense to get help with oversight and compliance. With a solid track record for over 25 years, Great Northern Staff Administrators (GNSA) has been there every step of the way as a one-stop shop for managing employee operations. The payroll, human resources and benefits administration firm, based in Portland but with clients nationwide, offers integrated plans and options for human capital management (HCM) to businesses of all sizes.

GNSA brings value to Oregon companies by helping to streamline the management of the entire employee life cycle from recruiting, onboarding, payroll, core human resources and employee benefits, through to retirement. GNSA has experience implementing these systems from the ground up and delivering them in the cloud. With its PeoplePro software, GNSA provides a single platform for managing all of the disparate pieces of an employee’s work life, relieving an employer of these tasks. 

Paid leave
Oregon has been on the forefront of the paid family and medical leave movement, something that many other states are likely to implement at some point. The state requires a payroll tax of 1% of an employee’s gross wages to be remitted by employers. 

GNSA makes that a whole lot easier. “We are taking care of the payroll tax calculation, withholding and remittance, ensuring accuracy and that payroll taxes are done correctly,” says GNSA President, Katharina Fink.

“We are seeing a large influx of Oregon-based companies come to us because they’re working with some other [out-of-state] provider that doesn’t have the checks and balances or reconciliation processes for filing Oregon payroll taxes that GNSA does. After experiencing inaccurate payroll tax filings, these companies are coming to GNSA to get it right and process payroll for them,” says Fink.

GNSA’s state-of-the-art technology ensures employee deductions and tax filings are done timely, accurately and securely. Although employers are provided with copies of the tax filings, nothing more is required of the business owner, since filing is completed by GNSA using the company’s ID number.  

Crystal Johnson, payroll specialist, and Rebekah Goodland, tax specialist

Retirement plans
Under the state’s new retirement plan mandate, all employers with at least one employee must offer a retirement plan. If a company doesn’t find an alternative option, they must enroll in OregonSaves, which does not allow employers to make contributions. Employers must also collect and keep track of employee contributions, remitting them to the proper authorities within five days. 

GNSA’s works with OregonSaves and other retirement plans to manage the calculation, remittance and reporting of employee contributions. 

GNSA also partners with vendors to help an employer set up a retirement plan if needed. Choosing a GNSA-preferred vendor means all the necessary information for that vendor is already integrated with GNSA’s PeoplePro software. Through its automated process, employees can make election changes without enlisting the manual help of HR, which can leave room for error.

Leslie Florestan, implementation specialist

Employees have easy access
Aside from helping a company comply with new labor laws, GNSA’s cloud-based PeoplePro software suite also helps eliminate human mistakes while enabling employees with 24/7 access to their data. With technology available through a mobile app, employees can view their paychecks, timesheets, request time off, record personal changes, such as marriage and children or make any other benefit administration updates that previously required a company’s human resources manager to be involved and manually input this data. 

Legal compliance with labor laws and legislation for employee rights is mandatory and can raise the cost of doing business. GNSA can help control those costs by easing the administrative burden on owners and providing a better solution to employees through strategic human capital management. 

Through its wealth of experience and advanced solutions, GNSA understands and stays on top of the sometimes-bewildering landscape of laws and knows how to seamlessly track changes, implement solutions and meet compliance requirements. GNSA streamlines back-office processes and employee operations, allowing companies to focus on the business of their business, rather than spending hours focusing on things like the Oregon Retirement Mandate, or Paid Leave Oregon.

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