Oregon Payroll Company, GNSA, Launches Labor Law Poster Service

GNSA Launches Labor Law Poster Subscription Service for Employers in Oregon and Across the Country.

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Oregon payroll company, Great Northern Staff Administrators (GNSA), has launched an all-in-one state and federal labor law poster subscription service subscription service to help employers keep up with changing posting requirements.

Last year,  there were over 55 posting updates required by various states across the country. Updated postings required by new Oregon labor laws and changes last year included updated notices for paid sick time, the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA), equal pay, and minimum wage.

Employers throughout Oregon will be required to update posters again this summer, when the state’s minimum wage changes on July 1, 2022.

“Typically, employers would need to go to their state’s department of labor, or another equivalent state department such as Oregon BOLI, to learn about updates or get their labor law posters,” said Katharina Fink, President of GNSA. “To save employers time and energy we put into action this labor law poster subscription service for hands-off, simple compliance.”

When initially subscribing, new clients will receive an all-in-one, up-to-date labor law poster that covers posting requirements for federal and state laws.

Each time there is a new posting requirement, clients will receive an electronic update that can be downloaded, printed, and posted alongside the existing labor law poster.

On the anniversary of the subscription, employers shall receive a new, updated, all-in-one labor law poster. Clients will continue receiving updates and new posters each year,  as long as clients maintain the subscription.

“Employers throughout Oregon have enough to worry about. We created this labor law poster subscription service to ease the burden of HR compliance,” said Fink, “all backed by a $25,000 fine guarantee protecting clients from serious fines related to improperly posting content.“

Employers and business owners who are interested in signing up for this new service can either partner with GNSA and opt-in to the service, or sign up for it as an a-la-carte service.

“GNSA aims to help employers of any size or industry streamline employee operations across functions like payroll, HR, and benefits,”  said Fink. “This poster compliance service is the next step in helping employers solve challenges with great solutions.”

For more information, or to sign up for the labor law poster service, interested employers and businesses can go to gnsadmin.com.

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