Bridging the 

OBHealth Care

A renewed national conversation about race, along with the COVID-19 pandemic, motivated health care providers to confront Oregon’s racial health care disparity.

OBHealth Care

The Vet Emergency

The pandemic worsened working conditions for veterinarians, who have been pushed to the brink with increased workloads. But COVID-19 is also forcing employers to address the mental-health crisis afflicting the...

OBReal Estate

Developers See Opportunity In Downtown Portland

The city center could look much different after its recovery. 


Downtime with Tobias Read

Live, work and play with State Treasurer Tobias Read

100 Best

2021 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon

Find out which companies have the most satisfied employees.


Biden Administration Accelerates State Climate Solutions

Environmental disasters and new federal policy spike demand for renewable energy. 


What Will Close The Supply Gap?

The senior advisor of the Northwest Economic Research Center outlines the factors — including labor issues  — driving supply shortages in Oregon. 

Restaurants and Retail

SBA Closes Restaurant Revitalization Fund

Restaurateurs who missed out on this round of funding — or had it pulled due to a lawsuit alleging discrimination — are in a holding pattern until Congress votes on...

Professional Services

Private Security’s New Crop

With an emphasis on customer service skills, martial arts and de-escalation techniques, security firms are evolving to meet the needs of cannabis dispensaries and downtown businesses


Online Classes Reshape Fitness Industry

As large gyms face membership declines, small studios with online fitness content see opportunity

Energy and Environment

OSHA Investigating 117 Workplace Complaints Made Due to Heat Wave

Five Oregonians died during record-shattering temperatures — though only two have been linked to heat.