Spotlight: Micro-Chasm

Oregon’s microfluidics
Tech Hub joins academic and industry partners to help small fluids make a big leap.

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Suitable Tech

How Macro Law Group is using AI — and automation — to upend the way law firms do business

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Second Sight

Portland’s Synaptiq started by training AI models but is now helping businesses build AI-driven products, especially those that deploy computer vision — a technology that enables computers to derive information from images.

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Locking It Down

Security platform HiddenLayer offers protection for AI systems.

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AI Is Here to Stay. What Are Its Promises? What Are the Threats?

Oregon Business convened a group of thought leaders in the field to talk about what we know (and don’t know) about artificial intelligence — and what business leaders and policymakers should be thinking about as the tech accelerates.

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Keeping Score

A popular app with AI capabilities — fittingly called GameChanger — makes it easier than ever to track and share every moment of a sporting event. The company has upended the world of youth sports and now has its sights on the big leagues.