GNSA Releases Oregon Leave Policy Samples For Oregon-Based Businesses

GNSA Releases Oregon Leave Policies for Oregon-Based Businesses for both Oregon Sick Time Law, and the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA).

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Great Northern Staff Administrators (GNSA) recently released a sample OFLA policy to further an effort to help Oregon employers comply with Oregon Leave Laws. GNSA has already developed a sample Oregon Sick Time Law Policy.

As Oregon Leave Laws continue to develop, like the most recent legislation, Paid Leave Oregon, some Oregon businesses are having trouble keeping up with compliance. Keeping employee handbooks up-to-date is an especially important task in order to avoid hefty fines, penalties, and legal trouble with employees.

Oregon businesses can use GNSA’s sample leave policies to develop their employee handbooks. Though the policies are created by HR experts, they should not be considered legal advice.

“As Oregon continues to develop its leave laws, and continues to be one of the more complex states for leave compliance, it’s become that much more important to make these types of resources available to our clients and other Oregon businesses,” said Katharina Fink, President of GNSA. “We hope that these policies can serve as a first step in better leave and absence management for employers until they are ready to employ a complete leave and absence management solution.”

While managing compliance with Oregon leave laws is one side of the picture, businesses must also manage employee absence.
“With so many different types of leave available to Oregon workers, keeping up with and managing employee absence is another issue that many businesses are having right now.” Said Fink.

Businesses that are struggling with employee absences may want to consider reaching out to an Oregon payroll company for modern leave management software.

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