Future of PepsiCo site murky

Albany considers building an overpass to spur development.

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When PepsiCo abandoned its project in Albany in 2008, it left a 242-acre parcel of land, one of the largest vacant industrial sites on the West Coast.

Now that the city has $18.5 million from a breach of contract settlement with PepsiCo, the city must decide if they should use all that money for an overpass project to stimulate development.

The city of Albany lost 270 jobs this past December when International Paper Company shut down its mill in the community 26 miles south of Salem. Replacing those jobs could require a multimillion-dollar transportation project and a leap of faith by the city and its residents.

“The hope is the overpass would trigger a development similar what PepsiCo would have done,” said Ron Irish, transportation systems analyst with the city of Albany. “But you could build the overpass and nothing could happen. We’ve never built a major road project like this without development being guaranteed.”

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