Suterra opens $35 million headquarters

“Biorational” pest control company Suterra opened a $35 million headquarters in Central Oregon.

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Suterra employees are celebrating the grand opening of their $35 million headquarters in Juniper Ridge.

The 92,000 square foot facility currently employs 69 people, with 15 more jobs expected to be created in the coming months.

Suterra is acknowledged as a leader in the field of “biorational” pest control products – which utilize naturally occurring compounds and biochemicals such as pheromones – generally considered a more environmentally sound alternative to traditional pesticides in being non-toxic to humans and animals, leaving no harmful residue, not contaminating groundwater and not disrupting beneficial insect populations.

The main “mating disruption” product lines disperse pheromones specific to particular pests, which confuse the insects and make it hard for them to find a mate. They are used to help protect such crops as almonds, apples, grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, walnuts and certain vegetables, and the company has offices in locations from Mexico to Argentina, Italy, Spain and the U.K.

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