Oregon ‘achievement gap’ hinders economy

Report reveals children of color struggling to keep pace with white peers in the classroom.

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A recent report revealed children of color are struggling to keep pace with their white peers in the classroom, despite efforts to close the “achievement gap.”

The Portland Business Alliance, the Value of Jobs Coalition and Chalkboard Project conducted the “Economics of the Achievement Gap: Oregon and the Portland Area” study to measure the impact it has on the economy.

The report looked at the economic impact created by the ongoing achievement gap for minority students in Oregon’s public schools. The analysis was based on various assessments, such as the eighth grade Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (OAKS) outcomes. The organizations involved worked with economists to analyze what the gap costs Oregon in terms of economic achievement and advances.

Their findings suggested that achievement can directly, and significantly, impact the state’s economy.

(SOURCE: Statesman Journal)

The SJ reports that “if the achievement gap for Oregon’s adult population had been eliminated by 2003,” by 2013 an additional $1.9 billion in economic activity would’ve been created.



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