Passing the Baton

Ferguson Wellman is in the middle of an ambitious plan to increase the number of employees who own stock in the firm. It is a move aimed at addressing the demographic time bomb that is about to hit the wealth-management industry.

Opinion: Back in Black

The retail market improves as year draws to a close, and Amazon, Target and Walmart continue to attract outsize share of consumer sales.

Reflecting on stock market 30 years after Black Monday

Thirty years ago last week, we experienced the infamous Black Monday stock market crash. Today, a sell-off of 508 points on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) would be slightly over two percent, a regular occurrence during any given year. Back in 1987 it was a 23% decline. The 1987 fall was the worst single-day … Read more

Delivering the Goods

With global growth reaccelerating, coupled with a strong and improving U.S. economy, we do not see a recession at least until 2019.

Market Watch: Is the Runaway Bull Dead?

Today’s economic uncertainty has not translated into stock market volatility. But we may be witnessing a runaway bull market.

Diagnosing post-election market fever

The post-election Trump rally reflects “animal spirits,” in which instinct and emotion drive feelings about the economy.