Feedback: Reader Input Money Talks

Ever since the 2008 financial collapse, banks and other financial institutions have come in for a beating. We checked in with readers to see if banks have improved in the trustworthiness category. Research partner CFM Strategic Communications conducted the poll of 276 readers in January.

Reader Input: Made in Oregon

Two trends dominate the manufacturing sector: onshoring and the rise of small-scale production manufacturing, known as the “maker economy.”

Reader Input: In or Out

The refugee crisis has put immigration and border issues on the front burner, in Europe and at home. In Oregon, attitudes toward illegal immigration haven’t changed dramatically since 2006.

Reader Input: Road Work

Oregon’s roads are crumbling, and revenues from state and local gas taxes are not sufficient to pay for improvements. We asked readers if the private sector should help fund transportation maintenance and repairs. Research partner CFM Strategic Communications conducted the poll of 366 readers in February.

Reader Input: Fair Play

Former Governor John Kitzhaber’s resignation in February prompted some soul searching in this state about ethical behavior in industry and government.