Readers respond to last week’s article about induced demand and the proposed I-5 expansion in Portland.

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“The authors of a famous 2009 study of road construction in major U.S. cities concluded that increased road capacity attracts more cars, creating congestion.”

That is NOT the reality: New roads fill because of several factors: People are attracted off of other, still congested, roads. People are attracted off of neighborhood streets, reducing neighborhood traffic. People travel at more convenient times (Isn’t serving people the purpose of roads?) As population increases, road usage increases. (That’s why we must increase road capacity in proportion to population increase.) People take trips that they wouldn’t take in gridlock. Again, serving people is the purpose of roads.”

Jim, via


 “By the time the state starts and finishes this project it will most likely be of little benefit and the funds will be inadequate because of the delays. The state never recognizes the urgency to get improvements underway.”


Mike Woodley, via