Reader Input: Head of the Pack

Leadership is a fuzzy concept. But people know it when they see it.

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Leadership is a fuzzy concept. But people know it when they see it. Research partner CFM Strategic Communications conducted the poll of 250 readers in November.

In the past ten years, how has leadership from Oregon’s business community impacted economic development?

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How has leadership from Oregon’s elected officials impacted economic development in Oregon?

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Rate importance of following leadership qualities:

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Importance of leadership qualities based on gender of respondent — percentage that answered “very”

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 How has leadership from the public or private sector helped business and economic development in Oregon?

“The Governor’s (Kitzhaber) executive order about utilizing forest resources had a direct impact on business and government working together to advance mass timber production (CLT) and taller wood buildings.”

“Senator Wyden’s role in the passage of the Trade Promotion Authority.”

“Broad business support for Clackamas Community College bond to build tech-trades education facilities provides assurance to area fabricating & industrial trade companies of future work ready labor pool”

“I cannot think of one example of public sector helping our business and economic development. The attitude is: How can I block what they want to do or extract the highest fees?”