Hundreds vie for State Fair temp jobs

Despite the sweltering heat, hundreds of people stood in line for hours to apply for temp jobs at the Oregon State Fair. 

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Sweltering heat didn’t stop hundreds of people from lining up for hours to apply for jobs at the Oregon State Fair, even though the fair will only last 11 days.

With the state’s unemployment rate stuck at 10.6%, applicants weren’t only teenagers looking for summer jobs.

But many also were people who have been “laid off from what they thought were stable, long-term jobs,” [assistant manager of WorkSource Oregon Dan Haun] said. “We see more of those than we’ve seen in the past.”

The line of people waiting stretched about 200 feet by 8 a.m., Haun said. The first man in line had been there since 9 p.m. the previous night. He’d set up a tent and camped overnight.

“The economy’s a little rough right now,” Haun said. “Interest is a little heavier than usual.”


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