Free Box produces on ultra-low budget

While living out of a van and working part-time jobs, two Portlanders create a popular web show for less than $5 an episode.

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Jon Meyer and Drew Hicks create a popular webshow for less than $5 an episode, all while working part-time jobs and living in a van, which also serves as their production studio.

“Free Box” is a show all about Portland, named after those boxes that people put out in their front yard full of unwanted cast-offs.

“We wanted it to be Portland-themed and get people thinking. Unintentionally, we were incorporating the free box into the plot point of our episodes. Like (character) Trevor pops a tire on the Naked Bike Ride and has to find clothes; he looks for some in free boxes, and eventually finds some, but another guy beat him to it. So, he has to wear the free box.”

For the fourth season, Meyer says “Free Box” will use two cameras – you know, to increase the quality of production.

Other than that, the only expense would be food. “More than a few times, the actors would end up buying us food,” Meyer says. “We try to get businesses to buy us food, because they’ll do that if you present yourself right.” Again, he laughs, clearly enjoying his life as a young and struggling film maker.

Read more at the Portland Tribune.

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