City officials seek to upgrade Portland’s suburbs

Beaverton and Milwaukie officials are taking steps to make their cities stand out.

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The Beaverton City Council aims to address the housing crisis and improve the local economy.

The Council approved updates to its Beaverton Community Vision action plan at a Wednesday meeting. The plan shapes such strategies as actions related to affordable housing and homeless, adding food carts and backing small business.

The strategy features a section on economic initiatives. Among other efforts, the city pledged ‘to enable businesses to easily start or expand their enterprise.’

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Milwaukie’s mayor wants more residences and businesses to use solar power.

‘We certainly have a reputation as being rather conservative, which is putting it mildly,’ Gamba said. ‘But things are changing here and I definitely think we have the opportunity to be a leader when it comes to solar.’

He will get a chance to test his theory Thursday night. That’s when he will present to the City Council the outlines of a program that would triple the number of solar installations in Milwaukie over the next five years.

‘We have acres and acres and acres of industrial roofs here that don’t do anything now but catch rain that will simply go down the drain,’ Gamba said. ‘Imagine how much electricity those same roofs could generate if they were covered instead by solar arrays.’

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