Is the legislative session one-sided?

It’s a big day in politics with the start of the Oregon legislative session and the onset of presidential race in Iowa. And let the grumbling begin. In Oregon, many lawmakers argue the Democratic Party runs the 35-day session.

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It’s ‘tantamount to an abuse of power,’ House Republican Leader Mike McLane, R-Powell Butte, repeated during a bipartisan news event last week.

…’These are partisan solutions run by one party in charge, in a short session, without meaningful input of people from around the state,’ McLane said. ‘That’s not what they said when they referred it to the ballot in 2010. This session has become a platform for the abuse of power.’

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Affordable housing, gun laws and coal energy are among the hot button issues legislators will tackle this session.

In the third short, even-year session, lawmakers plan to tackle such weighty issues as arresting climate change, raising the minimum wage, tightening gun ownership, doubling the lodging tax and increasing housing affordability.

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 In Iowa, both parties are in close competition.

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