Ski areas hope for early launch to season

Oregon’s largest areas have lifts open, prepping for better winter than last two.

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The West Coast drought has spelled trouble for Oregon’s ski resorts.

They’re hoping this year is different.

Oregon’s largest areas have lifts open and are prepping for better a winter than the last two.

Just in case, Mt. Hood Meadows wants to be ready for winter’s new paradigm. That’s why it bought a new dump truck.

“We used to be in the ‘get the snow out of here’ business,” said Dave Tragethon, resort spokesman during a pre-winter interview at the Portland SkiFever show, which runs through 6 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 8, at the Portland Expo Center. “Now we’re in the ‘put snow where we need it’ business.”

Mt. Hood Meadows, like other Pacific Northwest resorts, has been through two strange snow winters in a row. The usual “begin the snow season in November and keep it going until April” went AWOL in the Cascades.


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