Oregon economic indicators as of February 2010

Share this article!   All “latest” numbers are for February 2010 unless otherwise noted. Latest Month Previous Month Previous Year Annual Change EMPLOYMENT/BUSINESS LISTINGS Total employment State of Oregon, thousands 1,722.6 1,708.9 1,738.9 -0.9% Total unemployment State of Oregon, thousands 220.9 225.3 232.2 -4.9% Unemployment rate Ore. civilian labor force, seasonally adjusted 10.5% 10.7% 10.6% … Read more


All “latest” numbers are for February 2010 unless otherwise noted.Latest MonthPrevious MonthPrevious YearAnnual Change
Total employment State of Oregon, thousands1,722.61,708.91,738.9-0.9%
Total unemployment State of Oregon, thousands220.9225.3232.2-4.9%
Unemployment rate Ore. civilian labor force, seasonally adjusted10.5%10.7%10.6%-0.1
Portland/Vancouver MSA; Employed Seven counties, thousands1,035.51,031.71,061.6-2.5%
Portland/Vancouver MSA; Unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted10.3%10.9%9.9%0.5
Bend MSA; Employed Deschutes County, thousands67.467.268.3-1.4%
Bend MSA; Unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted12.5%13.3%12.9%-0.4
Corvallis MSA; Employed Benton County, thousands39.639.040.4-2.0%
Corvallis MSA; Unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted6.8%7.3%7.5%-0.7
Eugene/Springfield MSA; Employed Lane County, thousands161.2159.2161.9-0.4%
Eugene/Springfield MSA; Unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted10.1%10.7%11.3%-1.2
Medford/Ashland MSA; Employed Jackson County, thousands87.987.487.80.1%
Medford/Ashland MSA; Unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted10.9%11.5%11.8%-0.8
Salem MSA; Employed Marion and Polk counties, thousands173.4171.3173.20.1%
Salem MSA; Unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted9.6%10.1%9.8%-0.3
The Coast; Employed Five counties, thousands83.182.882.21.1%
The Coast; Unemployment rate11.5%12.1%12.4%-0.9
Central Oregon; Employed Eight counties, thousands109.2108.4109.7-0.5%
Central Oregon; Unemployment rate14.6%14.9%15.3%-0.7
Eastern Oregon; Employed Nine counties, thousands79.579.078.11.7%
Eastern Oregon; Unemployment rate12.3%12.5%12.9%-0.6
Help wanted ad count The Oregonian, Portland (March)1,5281,2841,737-12.0%
Help wanted ad count The Bulletin, Bend (March)1,1357841,0359.7%
Oregon online job vacancies, total ads in thousands (March)51.753.342.820.8%
Portland online job vacancies, total ads in thousands (March)29.432.222.630.1%
New business corporations New filings (March)884867902-2.0%
Limited liability companies New filings (March)2,0822,0682,187-4.8%
Business bankruptcies New filings (March)58454334.9%
Non-business bankruptcies New filings (March)1,8741,3631,61016.4%
Trucking Weight-mile tax receipts, millions$16.6$15.6$16.6-0.2%
Shipping Port of Portland, total containers load and discharge12,52414,18315,817-20.8%
Shipping Port of Portland, number of calls by oceangoing vessels50443638.9%
Airline travel, PDX Passengers, thousands843.8888.9839.10.6%
Airline travel, Eugene Passengers, thousands47.252.644.46.2%
Airline travel, Medford Passengers, thousands40.542.136.112.2%
Airline travel, Redmond Passengers, thousands (March)38.332.738.10.4%
Portland-area homes New listings3,9023,9373,47112.4%
Willamette Valley Multiple listing sales, millions$69.2$80.3$62.011.6%
Central Oregon Multiple listing sales, millions$68.0$65.7$40.667.5%
New Oregon single-family homes51641027289.7%
New Oregon multiple-housing units3478135-74.8%
Wheat price No.1 soft white, at Portland, per bushel (March)$4.64$4.76$5.53-16.1%
All farm products Farm price index (1990-1992=100%) (March)138140139-0.7%
All crops Farm price index (1990-1992=100%) (March)143146147-2.7%
Livestock Farm price index (1990-1992=100%) (March)12412310617.0%
Lumber price from Random Lengths Publications, framing composite (March)$314$312$19561.0%
Lumber production Coast, inland and California redwood regions, Western softwood, million board feet91591779215.5%
Power PGE, weather-adjusted, million kilowatt-hours1,744.01,885.41,736.40.4%

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