Powerlist: MBA Programs

Ranked by Total Enrollment, May 2024

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1 Oregon State University MBA

Total Enrollment: 290
Full-Time Enrollment: 88
Degrees Awarded Spring 2023: 74
Institution: Oregon State University
Dean: John Becker-Blease
City: Salem
Year Founded: 2008

2 University of Oregon MBA

Total Enrollment: 199
Full-Time Enrollment: 182
Degrees Awarded Spring 2023: 63
Institution: University of Oregon
Dean: Bruce Blonigen
City: Eugene
Year Founded: 2007

3 Southern Oregon University MBA

Total Enrollment: 195
Full-Time Enrollment: 28
Degrees Awarded Spring 2023: 86
Institution: Southern Oregon University
Dean: Vincent Smith
City: Ashland
Year Founded: 1974

4 Willamette University MBA

Total Enrollment: 169
Full-Time Enrollment: 91
Degrees Awarded Spring 2023: 94
Institution: Willamette University
Dean: Orn B. Bodvarsson
City: Salem
Year Founded: 1959

5 University of Portland MBA

Total Enrollment: 104
Full-Time Enrollment: 42
Degrees Awarded Spring 2023: 18
Institution: University of Portland
Dean: Michael DeVaughn
City: Portland
Year Founded: 1992

6 George Fox University MBA

Total Enrollment: 65
Full-Time Enrollment: 0
Degrees Awarded Spring 2023: 41
Institution: George Fox University
Dean: Dr. Shawn Hussey
City: Newberg
Year Founded: 1849

7 Pacific University MBA

Total Enrollment: 62
Full-Time Enrollment: 60
Degrees Awarded Spring 2023: 31
Institution: Pacific University
Dean: Jennifer Yruegas
City: Forest Grove
Year Founded: 1868

8 The Health Care MBA

Total Enrollment: 42
Full-Time Enrollment: 0
Degrees Awarded Spring 2023: 56*
Institution: OHSU and PSU
Dean: Steve Kinder
City: Portland
Year Founded: 2009

*Note: Due to a curriculum revision that reduced the length of the program from three years to two, two different cohorts graduated from this program in 2023. 

Disclaimer: This list is compiled based on responses to a survey. Programs are not included if they do not respond to the survey.