2022 Power Book: MBA Programs

Ranked by total enrolled (2020 academic year)

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1 Oregon State MBA

Total Enrolled: 337
Full-Time Enrolled: 186
Degrees Awarded: 81
Institution: Oregon State University
Dean/Director: Jim Coakley (Interim)

2 Willamette University MBA

Total Enrolled: 222
Full-Time Enrolled: 219
Degrees Awarded: 114
Institution: Willamette University
Dean/Director: Michael L. Hand

3 Master of Business Administration

Total Enrolled: 135
Full-Time Enrolled: 33
Degrees Awarded: 61
Institution: University of Portland
Dean/Director: Gary Malecha

4 The Portland MBA

Total Enrolled: 133
Full-Time Enrolled: 52
Degrees Awarded: 93
Institution: Portland State University
Dean/Director: Tichelle Sorensen

5 Oregon Executive MBA

Total Enrolled: 99
Full-Time Enrolled: 99
Degrees Awarded: 41
Institution: University of Oregon
Dean/Director: Rachel Todd

6 The Healthcare MBA

Total Enrolled: 96
Full-Time Enrolled: 96
Degrees Awarded: 43
Institution: OHSU-PSU
Dean/Director: Steve Kinder

7 Hoff School of Business MBA

Total Enrolled: 55
Full-Time Enrolled: 50
Degrees Awarded: 35
Institution: Corban University
Dean/Director: Shawn Hussey

8 Eastern Oregon University MBA

Total Enrolled: 54
Full-Time Enrolled: 30
Degrees Awarded: 44
Institution: Eastern Oregon University
Dean/Director: Ed Henninger

9 Master of Business Administration

Total Enrolled: 39
Full-Time Enrolled: 39
Degrees Awarded: 20
Institution: Pacific University
Dean/Director: John Miller (Interim)

Disclaimer: This list was compiled based on responses to a survey. Instututions are not included if they do not respond to the survey.