Too little, too late?

The governor faces continued questions about his recession leadership after announcing shaky economic plans last week.

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After a City Club presentation last week, Gov. Ted Kulongoski says he plans to convene a cabinet to look at “end[ing] the budgetary insanity” in Oregon.

But Kulongoski’s term ends in late 2010, so it’s unlikely that the cabinet will be able to invoke any actual changes. Meanwhile Kulongoski ruled out using any of the state’s $900 million in rainy day reserves to pay the salaries of teachers, public safety workers, and social workers, all of whom are facing job losses thanks to a $3.8 billion hole in the upcoming state budget.

Listeners wondered aloud whether the governor could have done something about tax reform over his past six years in office to avoid such revenue holes—before the recession required him to make politically unpopular job cuts.

Read the full story in the Portland Mercury.

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