“Kicker” reform dies

With overwhelming opposition from Democrats in the Legislature, Gov. Kulongoski scraps the kicker reform idea

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Democrats in the Legislature refuse to address Gov. Kulongoski’s “kicker” reform proposal in the current special session, forcing the governor to drop the idea.

Now in his final year in office, Kulongoski had hoped the kicker could be changed into a state savings account.

The Legislature’s failure to take up the issue “is disappointing and a missed opportunity for the people of Oregon,” the governor said in a statement. “There is no more important issue for the Legislature to address at this time.”

Kulongoski issued the statement shortly after a meeting with Senate President Peter Courtney, D-Salem, who delivered a no-compromise message: The Democratic caucus not only refuses to address kicker reform during the current session, but would refuse to place it on the November ballot for voters to consider even if the governor called them back into special session, as he has threatened to do.

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