“This is another time when Oregonians should take a stand”

Sen. Ron Wyden talks net neutrality at Portland City Club meeting.

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Speaking to a packed crowd Wyden explained what net neutrality actually means, why it’s important for Oregon startups and how to push forward. The talk earned Oregon’s senior senator a standing ovation.

Check out the highlights below.

“The principle of net neutrality is to make sure every kid in America — not just the kids of the fortunate few — but every child in America enjoys equal opportunity to conduct research for their classes.
It means all job seekers have equal access to employment opportunities on the web.
It means the new startup can become the next Youtube, Google or Facebook.
And it means all Americans have the freedom to inform themselves and express themselves.”


“One colossally bad decision that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention lately — because over the last five months there’ve been a lot of bad decisions — gave ISP’s the ability to sell browsing history to advertisers.”


“Net neutrality puts startups on a level playing field. Oregon has always been about startups and that person who’s got a dream. Net neutrality is an integral part of digital trade.
We need strong rules in place to push other countries to make sure they don’t discriminate against those small Oregon firms that want to do business overseas.”

“It’s not by osmosis that you don’t have an anti-net neutrality speaker today. No none wants to stand up and say, ‘Hi, I’m here today to stack the deck against small internet startups.'”