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Corporate tax proposal amended, OHA disputes Richardson’s Medicaid claims and Wyden says net neutrality fight will continue.

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Lawmakers closer to corporate tax compromise 

The Joint Tax Reform Committee is now considering a tax that combines a plan proposed by Sen. Mark Hass and a proposal from House Speaker Tina Kotek. Hass’s plan favors a low rate and larger base, while Kotek’s proposal is closer to that of Measure 97. The new concept would tax industries at two different rates, the Oregonian reports. Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers would have a lower tax rate than other industries including law firms and health care providers. The two rates would protect sectors from pyramiding. The tax would only apply to sales more than $3 million.

OHA says Richardson Medicaid claims are inaccurate

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson said earlier this week that 86,000 people signed up for Medicaid are ineligible, and that those additional users cost the state $37 million a month. The Oregon Health Authority says that’s not the case, OPB reports. An OHA spokesperson says they began reviewing users last year and are wrapping up the process to ensure users still qualify. OHA added that all users were eligible at one time.

FCC votes to roll back net neutrality regulations

The Federal Communications Commission voted 2-1 Thursday to begin a review of the regulations on internet providers with the explicit goal of loosening the rules, NPR reports. The regulations require internet providers to treat all web traffic equally. Sen. Ron Wyden made net neutrality one of his top issues when regulations were instituted in 2015. He says the fight now continues.

Apple seeking larger turbines at Gilliam County wind farm

Avangrid Renewables has submitted a permit amendment for Apple’s wind farm, known as the Montague Wind Power Facility, the Portland Business Journal reports. The amendment seeks to reduce the number of wind turbines but increase the size. This plan will reduce the footprint and produce more energy for Apple. The farm will generate about 560,000 mega-watt hours of electricity for Apple — enough annual power for 52,000 homes.

OB Original Blog: ‘Automation will transform manufacturing’

A Q&A with Aaron Fox, the incoming president of the Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP), an organization that provides advisory services to the state’s manufacturers.

BPA pulls drops I-5 Corridor Reinforcement project

The Bonneville Power Administration planned to build a 79-mile high-voltage transmission line from Troutdale to Castle Rock, Wa. The organization said it can address the power congestion without the $722 million project, the Portland Business Journal reports. The project was heavily contested by landowners and homeowners on the route.

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