Morning Roundup

Photo credit: Portland Business Journal

AHCA would cost Oregon $2.6 billion in revenue, DEQ fines Precision Castparts and ODFW commission to reconsider gillnet fishing.

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GOP health reform plan would strip 465,000 Oregonians of healthcare

An analysis requested by Gov. Kate Brown found 80,000 would lose coverage next year if the American Health Care Act is approved, and as many as 465,000 by 2023, the Portland Business Journal reports. The AHCA would also cost Oregon $2.6 billion in revenue. The report also found 23,000 health care industry jobs would be at risk. The House is expected to vote on the bill March 23, although the bill is one vote away from death, as New York Magazine reports. As many as 18 Republicans have already declared their opposition to the bill.

Precision Castparts fined by DEQ

After two instances of violations at seven sampling points, Precision Castparts has received a civil penalty from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. The fine for failing to monitor polychlorinated biphenyls and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons discharges is $9,829, the Portland Tribune reports. Precision was at the center of a pollution controversy last year when the toxic chemicals were found in Johnson Creek.

Oregon commission will reconsider gillnet decision

As I reported last month, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife commission’s vote to extend gillnet fishing has created a regulatory nightmare for Washington officials. Oregon’s decision rendered a Washington-Oregon agreement to phase out gillnet fishing moot. While Washington held up its end of the bargain and agreed to phase out gillnet fishing, Oregon voted to let it continue into the summer, forcing regulators to split the Columbia River in half. At Gov. Brown’s request, the commission will reconsider its decision, the Oregonian reports.

Washington Supreme Court approves Vancouver-Tesoro lease

The Port of Vancouver’s lease to the Tesoro Corporation can move forward, according to a federal judge, OPB reports. Environmental groups that opposed the lease — which will allow Tesoro to build the largest oil-by-train terminal in the U.S. — argued the Port violated state law by agreeing to the lease without exploring alternatives. The court confirmed a lower court’s decision that there are sufficient contingencies for alternatives in the lease.

Oregon could let farmers sue Monsanto, GMO patent-holders

Lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow farmers to sue companies, like Monsanto or Scotts Miracle-Gro, if traditional crops are contaminated by GMO seeds, the Statesman Journal reports. The bill, if approved, would allow farmers to seek three times the economic damage if genetically-modified seeds are found on their land without permission.

OB Original Blog: Portland considers $9 million revenue bond for affordable housing

Revenue from short-term housing permits would fund housing bond.

Biketown has a new sponsor

Kaiser Permanente is now the official “health” sponsor for Nike’s Biketown to the tune of $150,000 per year for five years, the Portland Business Journal reports. Kaiser’s brand will soon be stamped on 25 of the 100 stations across the city as a result of the sponsorship.