Morning Roundup

Tax kicker in play, AOI working against Cleaner Air Oregon and Trump told to back off LNG pipeline.

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Oregon income tax kicker may kick in

The year’s strong economy is making it more likely that Oregon’s kicker refund will be triggered, the Register Guard reports. The kicker is activated when the general fund hits $336 million (2% more than official forecasts). So far, personal income tax revenues in the past three months have beat projections by $208 million. If the kicker is triggered, the state loses any extra revenue it could use to plug the $1.6 billion deficit. 

AOI trying to weaken Cleaner Air Oregon

The Associated Oregon Industries has formed a group, Oregonians for Fair Air Regulations, with the intent to weaken the Governor’s new clean air rules, the Portland Tribune reports. The group claims the rules go too far and says Oregon businesses have a successful track record of reducing contaminants in the air.

On the Scene: Legislative update 2017

Corporate taxes, transparency and tiny homes take center stage on Tuesday.

Health Care repeal vote today

The GOP is bringing its health care bill, the American Health Care Act, back to the House floor for a vote, OPB reports. The bill was pulled in March when it was clear the bill wouldn’t pass. House Republicans are confident the bill, with a few amendments, will receive a majority vote. The latest amendment creates a “high-risk pool” fund to pay high medical costs instead of sending the bill to insurance companies.

Wyden, Merkley tell Trump to stay out of Coos Bay export terminal decision

The Senators’ response came after Trump’s Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn indicated a permit for the Jordan Cove natural gas export terminal was a top priority. Merkley and Wyden sent a letter urging the President to avoid any action that could be interpreted as political interference, the Oregonian reports.

Bend using tourism funding for roads

Bend is reallocating $350,000 from its tourism marketing budget to fix its roads, the Bend Bulletin reports. The change reflects residents’ request to spend more on roads than tourism. The funding shift is about 4% of the tourism marketing budget.

Portland Product Werks signs licensing deal with Polaris

The licensing deal is for footwear and socks, the Portland Business Journal reports. The line through Product Werks will be available this fall.