Morning Roundup

Photo credit: Oregonian

Oregon carbon emissions higher than expected, Israeli startup to open Portland HQ and Puppet CEO joins line of execs denouncing immigration ban.

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Oregon won’t meet its carbon reduction goals

A report from the Oregon Global Warming Commission found that while power production is shifting to clean energy, carbon dioxide emissions aren’t slowing down fast enough, the Oregonian reports. The state’s goals cited reducing emissions to 51 million metric tons by 2020. Oregon currently emits 63 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Israeli company Cooladata opening Portland HQ

The business analytics startup announced its first U.S. headquarters as a result of $5.6 million in funding from Salesforce Ventures, 83North Ventures and Carmel Ventures, the Portland Business Journal reports. Dan Schoenbaum will act as CEO for the Portland office, while Cooladata’s co-founders remain in Israel.

Puppet joins growing list of Oregon companies speaking out against travel ban

CEO Sanjay Mirchandani — who moved to the U.S. more than two decades ago — spoke out against the immigration ban yesterday. Mirchandani said to help protect human rights, Puppet will match employee contributions to the ACLU up to $25,000.

Trump announces his Supreme Court nominee

Judge Neil Gorsuch has been tapped for the position, OPB reports. Gorsuch is a conservative jurist with an approach similar to Antonin Scalia, the justice he would replace. Sen. Jeff Merkley has vowed to filibuster the confirmation along with other  Senate Democrats. Sen. Ron Wyden released a statement yesterday, expressing concern about the future of Oregon’s death with dignity law, which Gorsuch is vocally against. “No Senator who believes that individual rights are reserved to the people, and not the government, can support this nomination,” Wyden said.

ODOT grant will fund improvements to Prineville Airport

A $2 million grant will help fund the development of a refueling system and construct a new Forest Service facility at the airport, the Bend Bulletin reports. These improvements will also create 50 local jobs. Construction is expected to begin next year.

Car2Go is upgrading its Portland fleet

The ride share service has added two four-door Mercedes-Benz options for Portland drivers, the Portland Tribune reports. Car2Go is known for its use of SmartCars — perfect for Portland parking but challenging for normal use. Car2Go now joins its competitors, ZipCar and more recently ReachNow, in offering a larger-sized vehicle.

OB Original Blog: Sports fishermen, gillnetters, weigh in on ODFW’s surprise gillnet decision

The Oregon commission voted 4-3 to extend gillnet fishing into the summer and fall along the Columbia River.