Herb company stays green

Eugene-based herb processor Mountain Rose Herbs is committed to sustainability and fair practices at all levels of the company’s dealings.

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Mountain Rose Herbs moved to Eugene from California in 2001 to escape high California business costs, be closer to suppliers and farmers—and because Eugene had such a high population of anarchists.

The processor and distributor of organic herbs and teas prides itself on being zero-waste and practicing sustainability and fair treatment.

The company caps the pay rate for its two executive owners at 3.5 times the hourly wage of its lowest paid entry-level employee. Starting pay for employees is set at 30 percent above Oregon’s state minimum wage. That’s $11 an hour, or $22,880 annually, assuming a 40-hour workweek. Executive pay would top out at $38.50 an hour, or $80,080 annually, assuming a 40-hour workweek.

The company pays employees who carpool to work 12 cents per mile per passenger, and employees who bicycle to work receive 20 cents per mile.

Each year Mountain Rose Herbs offers two paid days to employees who volunteer those hours to a community activity of their choosing.

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