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Readers respond to articles about Portland’s housing crisis, a proposed import tax on Mexico and a battle over fossil fuels.

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Portland approves relocation fee ordinance, effective immediately

Readers nix upzoning as an affordable housing solution

Re: “Imse said zoning decisions are best left up to each municipality but agreed more housing options are needed to address increasing demand for housing, and rising costs.”

Incumbent homeowners have vested financial and lifestyle interests in using government to restrict the supply and range of affordable housing options for those who are not incumbent homeowners. Saying that zoning decisions are best left up to each municipality is like saying that the security of hen houses is best left up to foxes.

Zoning — supply control — is, for incumbent homeowners, the mirror image of what rent control is for incumbent tenants. The Legislature’s decision to allow local option for zoning but not for rent control shows the societal bias Americans have for property ownership and for property owners. This is an inevitable outcome of the Framers’ morally illegitimate decision to exclude those without property from participation in the Framing, and is probably beyond the possibility of redress.
— Terry Pratt

Mexico import tax threatens oregon economy, officials warn

“Amazing that a President fulfills his campaign promises and does it under existing laws. Perhaps Oregon should try to base its industry on lawful principles instead of ignoring laws when convenient.”
— Charles Golff

“It seems to me that Trump has no regard for law or for the Constitution. He is doing his best to stifle the press, public disclosure, and free speech. He seems to have no integrity or character and his morals are disgusting. How does he respect the law when his life history is one of sexual assault on women. He publicly invites Russia to hack into the computer systems of those he perceives to be his adversaries which is unlawful and yet people like Mr. Golff make such statements about Oregon ignoring the law which in fact is not the case. But then again we now have labeled lies and deceit and political rhetoric as “alternative facts.'”
— Donald

PDX battle over fossil fuel heats up

“Portland is sending the message that new business is not welcome in Oregon, especially anything dealing with manufacturing. This is the type of attitude that enabled Trump to win the election.”
— Tom

“I am guessing Portland will lose tax base, encourage other businesses to locate outside the immediate Portland city limits, and cause businesses to be afraid of building in Portland because of this short-sided ordinance. Businesses are responsible for creating jobs and prosperity that have allowed Portland to become the enjoyable city it is. Does Portland want to be like California and drive out employers with their over the top regulations?”
— Sam

Opinion: Private day care — stop using the public school system’s lead

“While I agree that daycare costs are a concern, it was wise to encourage people to play it safe and stay off the roads — I agree with the closures. Day care employees may need to drive to work and there is also concern for emergency access. I, too, have a young child and work full-time.

For me the issue is two-fold: 1) National access to child care. 2) Emergency planning at civic and neighborhood/community levels.”
— Marie Eleni