Reader Forum: Small biz vacation rental operators versus Vacasa

Oregon Business readers weigh in.

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Thy Neighbor’s House

“Interesting article. Vacasa is definitely creating their own niche in the vacation rental market. As competition you mention two coast vacation rental property managers. As we also rent Manzanita vacation rentals (where Sunset Vacation Rentals is located and is a large share of their market), I’m able to comment about this. 

First, Vacasa, like Airbnb, is a large scale rental site. Where Vacasa differs with the smaller property managers of owner operated vacation rentals is it lacks the local, personal touch others in the area are able to offer. Additionally, their model does not account for each locale — it’s more of a one size fits all. Which is great for some, not for others. 

While Airbnb is definitely a big part of Oregon coast vacation rentals, VRBO still holds the majority of coastal vacation rental business. Airbnb is still part “shared” economy (sharing the house with the owners), and is still learning the vacation rental market. The definite benefit of Vacasa, and others like it, is creating a more professional environment within the vacation rental market. This definitely benefits all, especially the guest experience.”
— Kim Bergstrom, owner Manzanita Rentals

On The Scene: A Lean Business Primer

“We’re starting to use Kanban and lean process improvement in a lite fashion on our work here at Oregon State University, inspired in part by the Six Sigma Lean Green Belt Certificate program we launched recently. The approach has been eye opening for our team.”
— John Buzzard, OSU Professional and Continuing Education program marketing manager