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Readers respond to articles about Zupan’s packing up shop, Portland’s grindingly slow response to snowpocalypse and the millennial workforce.

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Zupan’s departure dismays local businesses

“With increasing construction, one wonders the extent to which increasingly restrictive access by Zupan’s suppliers factored into their decision to vacate that property? Delivery by semi truck is all it impossible now on Belmont during business hours. Construction will only make that worse. To expect suppliers to use smaller trucks is unreasonable and unaffordable. To expect neighbors to allow night (sleep hours) deliveries is also a nonstarter. Their closure is likely an unintended artifact of the new density, construction and traffic blockage that comes with more gentrification.”
— Michael Oliver 

Portland’s snow shame

“Totally agree. I drove a bus on Tuesday from downtown Portland to South Beaverton. And I will tell that the difference in the road surface was incredible. Once I got out of the Portland city limits major thoroughfares were clear and dry. I almost hated driving the bus back into Portland. Is salt more expensive than having to repair roads? Or the cost of damaged vehicles. I’m sure that’s a case that could be made to tax payers. Did Washington County do something different? Apparently so and Portland should take notes.”
— John St Clair

“I am glad that someone is criticizing the government for blowing off the threat of inclement weather and for not being equipped to take proper preventative measures. In my opinion it was a matter of oversight and lack of concern. Serious icy conditions and snowfall can be dangerous for any town, let alone a city the size of Portland. Vancouver was hit with snow as badly as the city of Portland and streets are clear and safe. In my opinion the City of Portland needs to let go of it’s pride and admit fault to be prepared to prevent this from happening again in the (perhaps very near) future. Just because Portland has “rare snow days” does not mean they will continue to be rare or less disastrous in the future.”
— KW

Where do millennials work?

Launch: Eldohire creates on demand work platform

“Awesome article Katy, finally someone has disrupted the temp staffing business which is super expensive and has long lead times. I would love to try the app when it goes live.”
— Jake