Reader Forum: An artist defends Bullseye Glass

An artist in Denver weighs in on  A Toxic Tale: Business Community Responds to Growing Concerns about Air Quality

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“To those of you that are rooting for Bullseye to close: please think about the tens of thousands of glass artists that depend on Bullseye for our glass to support our businesses. Our livelihood. Our families.

There are two major manufacturers of glass — Spectrum (who closed their doors after forty years ) and Bullseye. Simply stated, there is simply nowhere else for us to go if Bullseye shuts down. Well, we can go to China for cheap, poorly made glass. But wouldn’t we all be better served to keep the business in the U.S.?

It seems to me, based on all the articles (which seem to be quite biased) that I’ve read — they are doing everything they can to meet or exceed expectations. It also seems the largest concern is this daycare. Wouldn’t it be more prudent to move the daycare to a residential area rather than put thousands and thousands of people out of business — bankrupting some?

I, for one, am scared as to what will happen to my future if Bullseye closes. I will lose everything. And I am only one. I’m scared for all of us. Look at your churches and that beautiful stained glass — how do you think that will get fixed (or even CREATED) if we close all of our glass suppliers? Glass is everywhere and the artform has made a resurgence over the last few years or so. Let’s think fairly, logically and calmly about solutions and stop knee-jerk reacting without having all the facts and all the options that are available.

I get that clean air is a hot topic — but so is the unemployment rate. Let’s work together for solutions.”

Sheila Hydle is the owner of Glassateria in Denver, Colorado. She uses only Bullseye Glass, as they are the primary manufactuerers of COE 90 glass.