High cadmium, arsenic levels found in kids living near Bullseye Glass

The first round of test results are in for the heavy metals found near the Portland glass manufacturer.

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The Borte family has lived about six blocks from the Bullseye Glass Co. factory at 3722 SE 21st Ave. for 10 years. When U.S. Forest Service tests on moss samples taken across the city found high concentrations of two toxic heavy metals—cadmium and arsenic—in neighborhoods near Bullseye, Libby Borte decided to get her two kids tested.

The test results showed both Borte children’s urine contained significantly more than the normal range of arsenic and cadmium.

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William Lambert, head of epidemiology at Oregon Health & Science University, told the Willamette Week that “prolonged exposure to high levels of arsenic and cadmium is unlikely to pose immediate health threats but may have long-term effects.”

The Department of Environmental Quality tested 67 soil samples from the area around Bullseye Glass — from the Fred Meyer parking lot, a day care center and Powell Park — and announced on Wednesday that there is no serious health risk in those areas, according to OPB.

The samples were tested for arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead and several other elements.

They found that most heavy metals were at background levels. But there were a few samples that showed elevated levels.


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