Bullseye Glass linked to high levels of airborne heavy metals near two SE Portland schools

A DEQ report revealed arsenic and cadmium air pollution is putting Cleveland High School and Winterhaven School at risk.

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The state Department of Environmental Quality and the Oregon Health Authority plan to announce that DEQ data indicate a monthly average of 49 times the state air-safety benchmark level for the neurotoxin and carcinogen cadmium, and 159 times DEQ’s air-safety goal for the carcinogen arsenic.

…The likely culprit for all this, say state officials: Bullseye Glass, which has its main factory at 3722 SE 21st. Founded in 1974, Bullseye is a sizable art and architectural glass manufacturer that boasts 140 employees at its Portland headquarters and operates satellite facilities north of Oakland, in Sante Fe, and in a suburb north of New York.

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State officials told KGW that Bullseye Glass is “not breaking any rules and is in compliance with permits.”

Oregon laws are geared toward large scale glass plants rather than smaller operations like Bullseye.

Bullseye founder and co-owner Daniel Schwoerer told the Mercury ‘we were not aware of potential emissions. All I can say is we’re a good citizen. We’re concerned.’


KATU reports the metals were detected in moss and the air near Southeast 22nd and Powell.

Arsenic is used in pesticides, and cadmium can be found in electroplating, storage batteries and vapor lamps.

Inhaling these elements can be toxic, and overexposure can cause serious health problems. Call your doctor if you experience headaches, fatigue, drowsiness, nausea or fever.


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