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Catch That Train!

“As a former executive director and visitor to 42 airports worldwide — I feel compelled to offer my perspectives on your April, 2016 article, “Catch That Train!” That last paragraph in column 2 on pg. 18 neglected to remind readers that the San Andreas earthquake fault (and not railroad developers and administrators) will have the final say as to whether or not high speed rail eventually series the San Francisco-to-L.A. line.” — Robert Cavalier

A Toxic Tale: Biz Community Responds to Growing Concerns About Air Quality

“Scott Taylor hits the nail on the head.” — Chris Bakken 

Arts Dilemma: Tapping Into New Wealth

“This is going to be difficult considering the slow growth of wages for the average person in Multnomah County and the compounding, incessant growth of other expenses, particularly housing.” — Aaron Douglas 

Consolidated Health Input Survey

“Cookie cutter plans mandated by the Feds have reduced our choice of benefits. There are many items listed as preventative when in reality these are early diagnosis. Paying for blood work for Vitamin D levels, CRP and ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 would be true preventative benefits and go far to improving everyone’s health.” — Steve Wilson