House-flipping event with HGTV celebrities sunk by social media reaction

Seminar with “Flip or Flop” stars canceled after people react negatively over tight housing market concerns.

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A seminar with the stars from the HGTV show “Flip or Flop” has been canceled after people on social media reacted negatively over concerns created by a tight housing market in Portland.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa’s event that aimed to help attendees “retire rich” has been called off as Portlanders deemed it tone deaf.

“We didn’t know that there was a local issue in terms of affordability of rents,” said James Carlson, of Advanced Real Estate Education, the company organizing the seminar in conjunction with Success Path Events.

Carlson added, “We thought, you know what, rather than going up there and running into something we didn’t fully anticipate, we should pull back and find out what the local concerns are.”

Carlson said the events would likely be rescheduled for the first quarter of next year, perhaps in late February or early March.


Its message was widely panned on Facebook and Instagram.

Scrolling through the hundreds of comments on a sponsored Instagram post, most go like this: “Stay out of Portland!! You’re preying on low income families and marketing to out of state buyers that are pushing locals out. You are not welcome!!”

“In some ways, it’s people blaming the messenger,” said Professor Gerry Mildner, who teaches the future crop of real estate developers at Portland State University. He says it’s obvious Portlanders are upset at housing prices, worried about their living situationand desperate to keep the sleepier city they knew, that’s now gone forever.


Do you think the event organizers were being tone deaf or merely reacting to the times?

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