Cylvia Hayes breaks silence with shots at media via social media

Former first lady links to Monica Lewinsky talk before lamenting about “click-for-cash media business.”

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The fiancee of former Gov. John Kitzhaber took to social media Tuesday to critique news reporting in the digital age.

On Facebook, Cylvia Hayes linked to a talk by Monica Lewinksy and wrote she made “a powerful statement about how our click-for-cash media business model has turned public humiliation into a commodity and shame into an industry.” writes:

Hayes on Tuesday also used Twitter to send out a link to the Lewinsky talk. It was her second tweet in four days after a six week hiatus. Hayes’ previous tweet, on March 21, struck a similar chord. It linked to a reporter’s essay and public apology for having unfairly maligned two Secret Service agents.

Hayes and her fiance, former Gov. John Kitzhaber, are subjects of a federal influence-peddling investigation conducted by the FBI and IRS. The two drew criticism before Kitzhaber resigned for dragging their heels on the release of public information as required by Oregon Public Records Law and for trying to kill an ethics investigation by claiming Hayes was not a public official despite public proclamations to the contrary. She has since cited her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination to avoid releasing emails requested under records law.

Kitzhaber lashed out at news organizations in his resignation statement, claiming he was “charged, tried, convicted and sentenced by the media.”

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