Oregon cannabis sellers hit snag in social media strategy

Instagram routinely deletes dispensary accounts without explanation.

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Oregon’s group of recreational and medical marijuana sellers are struggling to grow their brand using one of the most popular social media.

Instagram routinely deletes dispensary accounts without explanation.

Andy Vashar, who helped found the Daily Leaf in hopes it could act as a buffer for cannabis companies to offer deals online, thinks it’s the hashtags. He shows a screenshot of the search term “#OMMP” with a message stating every result is hidden because the community reported content that didn’t meet Instagram’s guidelines. Vashar suspects this might be the doing of anti-marijuana activists or competitors, but sighs dejectedly when adding there’s no way for him or Gold to know unless Instagram answers. “Generally, dispensaries are pissed off,” Gold says. “Some have a target on their back.”

Five Zero Trees lost 11,000 followers when its account was first suspended, according to manager Sisco. It’s had its account shut down twice since then, though Twitter and Facebook posts with the exact same content haven’t been so much as flagged. The dispensary typically posts new strains, images of product and specials without pricing.

(SOURCE: Willamette Week)

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