Cities compete for Deschutes East Coast production facility

Citizens of Roanoke, Virginia launch campaign to woo growing craft brewery.

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Citizens of Roanoke, Virginia have launched a campaign to woo growing craft brewery, Deschutes Brewery which is seeking a location for a new production facility on the East Coast.

Founder and CEO Gary Fish says he will not disclose where the production facility will be located until negotiations have been finalized.

One Montvale, Virginia resident, Steve Primo wrote a triology of songs to woo the brewery. 

The second in the series called “Deschutes Came to Roanoke, a Redneck Conversion” appeals to the company’s Oregon-y side.

In “Redneck Conversion,” a man “is down and out, his woman left him,” so he turns on the country radio station and hears Primo’s first song. “Send me one of everything you make,” sings Primo’s protagonist, and when he sips from his first bottle of Deschutes beer, he finds it tastes better than fine wine.

He burns his rebel flag, destroys his Garth Brooks records, pours out his Pabst Blue Ribbon and marries a sophisticated woman. In short, “he becomes a Deschutes drinker,” Primo said.

(SOURCE: Bend Bulletin)

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