Airbnb hiring in Portland

The vacation rental site wants to launch its first remote engineering office.

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Airbnb wants to launch its first remote engineering office in Portland.

The software experts will join the 220 employees the company already has in its Old Town office.

This isn’t the first time that San Francisco-based Airbnb has experimented in Portland. Soon after it announced the Portland office, the company unveiled its Shared City Initiative, which started in Portland and then moved to other cities.

This program includes collecting and remitting local occupancy taxes to cities.

(SOURCE: Portland Business Journal)

It is unclear how many software engineers the company plans on hiring.

Oregon’s tech economy, long rooted in computer hardware and electronics manufacturing, is rapidly adapting to demand for software and online applications. Airbnb is one of several nationally known tech companies with downtown outposts, a roster that includes Google, eBay, SurveyMonkey and New Relic.


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