How unsafe are Portland drivers?

They don’t compare well with drivers of other major American cities.

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Just how bad are the drivers in Portland?

According to a new report by Allstate, they aren’t so great — and don’t compare favorably to drivers from other major American cities.

Portland finished 183rd out of 200 cities examined. Last year, Stumptown was No. 177.

The information arrives on the same day as a new report suggesting thatPortland’s roads are the 12th most-congested in the U.S., in terms of overall yearly delays.

(SOURCE: Portland Business Journal)

Seattle was 184th, while Salem finished No. 120.

Eugene also saw its ranking drop, but fared much better than its Oregon counterparts. This year it was the 35th safest driving city, while it was No. 23 in 2014.

Kansas City, KS topped the list.


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