About 400 Intel employees in Oregon were laid off

WorkSource will hold a job fair to help workers who lost their jobs.

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WorkSource will hold a job fair for the former Intel workers who lost their jobs in the company’s latest round of layoffs.

The Portland Business Journal surmises that 400 Oregon employees were laid off from the job fair announcement.

The Oregonian had previously reported the company cut 1,155 jobs worldwide.

According to the company’s last quarterly report, its global headcount stayed flat compared to a year ago at 107,000, despite the layoffs. In a leaked memo that confirmed the layoff rumors, CEO Brian Krzanich projected flat employment figures because the company is still hiring in growth areas.

The shift in employment and resources comes as the chipmaker faces a slower PC market, which Intel dominates. The company has accordingly shifted its focus to other growth areas, particularly chips to power servers within the massive data centers that power the Internet, as well as the emerging wearables and Internet of things markets.

(SOURCE: Portland Business Journal)

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