What I’m Reading

Nick Herinckx, CEO of Obility, and Jake Weatherly, CEO of SheerID, share what they’ve been reading.

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wireadingNick 250pxNick Herinckx
CEO, Obility 

“I have always felt that learning is entertainment, and I believe ‘readers are leaders.’ My reading habits typically coincide with what I’m working on so that I can implement what I learn. This has spanned business, management and entrepreneurial books to personal finance, corporate finance and psychology and self-help.”

wireadingcommon 250px  

Commonsense Talent Management 
By Steven T. Hunt

“This book is in textbook format and covers how to set up a strategic human resources department. My favorite part was learning that the framework of any great HR system is getting the right people, doing the right things, in the right way, with the right development. Each of these parts has multiple systems and theories from which to build. This framework has helped me immensely as I’ve rolled out hiring processes and metrics-based management systems.”

wireadingleading 250px  

Leading Organization Design 
By Gregory Kesler & Amy Kates

“I really enjoyed this book because it goes into detail about a process for building an organizational chart and cascading performance metrics throughout a company. As Obility has grown, there have been multiple restructures, and the process outlined here has not only helped with those but has also allowed me to plan Obility’s growth path going forward.”


wireadingJakeWeatherly 250pxJake Weatherly
CEO, SheerID

“I’m usually juggling two to three books at a time, and depending on my mood/environment I e-read, listen via Audible, and ‘traditionally read’ as I work my way through a given piece. I am also a habitual rereader. I have a few favorites that I reread when I need guidance to life’s challenges, like Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. I set aside time to read each day, both with my children and on my own.”

wireadinghardthings 250px  

The Hard Thing about Hard Things
By Ben Horowitz

“Ben’s experience as CEO/Founder of LoudCloud in building, almost losing, going public, almost losing again, controversially selling off the core business, and then winning big through acquisition by HP for cash is amazing. It’s a personal, emotional and transparent account of his life as an entrepreneur, husband and rap music connoisseur. Ben’s an inspiration to entrepreneurs globally, from his days as a product manager at Netscape to his current role as co-founder and GP of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.”

wireadingHedge 250px  

Hedge Hunters: After the Credit Crisis, How Hedge Fund Masters Survived
By Katherine Burton

“After one of the most thought-provoking business meetings in my career, I decided to research one of the people from the meeting who I really connected with. I was pleased to discover Hedge Hunters includes this gentleman, and that I had been unknowingly in a room with one of the great survivors of the credit crisis. Hedge Hunters is an account of survival through sound pivots in strategy. Not the kind you see dreamy, inexperienced want-repreneurs make, but the changes that only the most astute business minds see through.”