Small businesses partner with Intel for legal help

A program through the Lewis & Clark Small Business Legal Clinic partners small businesses with big names like Intel for low-cost legal help.

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Small businesses can get low-cost legal assistance through partnerships with big names like Intel and Perkins Coie, thanks to a program run through the Lewis & Clark Small Business Legal Clinic.

The pro-bono program, which began in 2006, allows small business leaders to get advice from lawyers from Intel, other corporations and local law firms.

It’s the kind of assistance that crops up at the pro bono program, said Maggie Finnerty, a law professor at Lewis & Clark College and the clinic’s executive director, along with help with contracts, leases, entity formation, and intellectual property issues such as copyrights and trademarks.

“We help people who would never be able to meet with an attorney because they simply could not afford it,” she said.

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