Rose Quarter process questioned

A minority report criticizes the lack of competition in the Rose Quarter’s redevelopment plans.

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The Portland City Council is set to move forward with plans to redevelop the Rose Quarter, but five members of the Rose Quarter Stakeholder Advisory Committee think the process needs to be put on hold.

The members issued a minority report criticizing a lack of competition in the process.

Committee members Will Macht, Dean Gisvold, Joseph Readdy, Alicia Rose and Anthony Stacy have submitted a minority report to city council asking the council to reject the recommendations of the advisory committee to invite three development proposals to enter the Request for Proposals process. Instead, the group says the process should be put on hold until issues related to Memorial Coliseum’s operating agreement have been resolved.

The proposals, which include the TrailBlazers/Winterhawks concept, the Memorial Athletic and Recreation Center and the Veterans Memorial Arts and Athletic Center, were narrowed down over the last few months from 96 other development schemes presented to the committee.

Read the full story at the Daily Journal of Commerce.

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