Rose Quarter project gets tangled

Redevelopment for the Rose Quarter and Memorial Coliseum grows complicated.

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Three finalists remain in the proposal process for redeveloping Portland’s Rose Quarter and Memorial Coliseum.

But some say Paul Allen’s Portland Arena Management has an unfair advantage and raise questions about the effectiveness of the city’s public-design processes.

“This began as a communitywide effort to save the Memorial Coliseum from the wrecking ball,” says City Commissioner Nick Fish. “I celebrate that, as we now debate how much public investment we want to make into that building and area. But I fear we’ve structured this process to ensure an unsatisfactory outcome.”

“I do think that the dynamics surrounding the Rose Garden creates the perception that things are in their (the Blazers) favor,” says City Commissioner Randy Leonard, who originally wanted to replace the coliseum with a baseball stadium. “But we should have known all of that going into this.”

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