Oregon could soon be last state to ban self-serve gasoline

A New Jersey lawmaker is pursuing a bill that would allow drivers to pump their own gas.

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A New Jersey lawmaker is pursuing a bill that would allow drivers to pump their own gas.

If he is successful, Oregon would be the last state with a ban on self-serve gasoline.

From OregonLive.com:

Oregon’s gas-pumping law has been on the books since 1951. According to a 2014 survey, Oregonians under the age of 45 are more likely to support lifting the statewide ban than older residents. The survey found that 53 percent of respondents in that demographic were in favor of lifting Oregon’s self-service ban.

The state’s law points to 17 reasons for the ban, but historically, Oregon used one justification above all others. “The justification that’s cited most often is that the law creates jobs,” Oregon State University economist Patrick Emerson told The Oregonian/OregonLive.com in 2012.State lawmakers are currently debating a bill that would allow some rural Oregon counties to lift the self-service ban. The bill applies to counties with fewer than 40,000 residents, allowing the remote gas stations to remain open when employees are not available.

New Jersey officials haven’t enforced the ban for more than two years.

The Associated Press reports on the bill in the New Jersey Assembly:

Republican Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon said Saturday the bill would authorize drivers to fuel cars themselves. The bill calls for a three-year period where merchants can offer self-service gas but must also provide full service. A similar measure has been introduced in the Senate. O’Scanlon says his bill would be introduced in June. O’Scanlon calls the current law unnecessary and says it can lead to inconvenient waits at the pump. Supporters of the current law say it promotes safety, but O’Scanlon questions whether 48 other states are less safe for letting motorists pump gas.

“New Jersey is the greatest state in the country,” O’Scanlon said. “We have plenty of things to be proud of. I’m not going to lament this outdated government regulation.”



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