Eugene’s downtown blues

An annual public opinion poll of Eugene residents shows an all-time low in satisfaction with downtown Eugene.

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71% of Eugene residents are very or somewhat dissatisfied with downtown Eugene, according to an annual public opinion poll.

The new figures are an all-time low for public opinion on the downtown area and represent a dissatisfaction trend that has been growing since 2005.

[Downtown Eugene merchant Kaz Oveissi], the owner of Oveissi & Co., an Oriental rug store at Broadway and Willamette Street, said the poll results on downtown reflect residents’ frustration about the lack of improvement in the area.

“People are a little upset about the fact that we set out certain goals for downtown and we can’t accomplish them,” said Oveissi, who also owns Cafe Perugino on Willamette Street in the historic Smeede Hotel building. “In the 15 years that I have been downtown, we were in better shape then than we are today. It’s just this sense of frustration that we can’t make anything meaningful happen in the downtown core.”

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