Launch, Startup Tip and Where They Are Now

Eldohire creates on demand work platform Allan Njoroge wasn’t happy when his service industry employer abruptly changed his work schedule one day. Complaining, however, got him nowhere. Work, Njoroge’s boss informed him, isn’t on demand. For a millennial, those are fighting words. “It shouldn’t be your lifestyle fitting your work,” says Njoroge, a 26-year-old Washington … Read more

Launch, Startup Tip and Where They Are Now

Society Nine muscles into women’s gear, Steve Morris advises startups to validate product with customers and RapidMade quadruples staff.

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Launch: Greening the foundation, startup tips, where they are now

 Greening the Foundation As a child growing up in rural Indiana, Doug Krause witnessed what would become the inspiration for an innovative new wind-energy technology. Week after week, he watched workers pour concrete foundations to form a base for wind turbines on a local wind farm. “That was a eureka — sitting in a corn … Read more