Foul Play

Corporate sponsorship deals have turned college sports into a lucrative business, but they do little to benefit the students universities are supposed to serve.

Mark King on leadership

Mark King can remember an era when corporate leadership looked much different than it does today.

Despite setbacks, analysts still bullish on Nike

Although the athletic apparel giant issued a lukewarm earnings report yesterday, and industry watchers say the company’s grip on the sneaker market is slipping, analysts expressed optimism about Nike’s new consumer-focused growth strategies. “Most sources acknowledge that Adidas…is giving Nike a run for its money,” Morgan Stanley analyst Jay Sole wrote in a recent stock … Read more

4 signs of Brexit in Oregon

Since the tally came in, there has been is no shortage of speculation about the impact of Brexit on everything from the stock market and the global economy to the future of British expats living in other European countries. Oregon might seem far removed from the EU shakedown. But in a globalized world, we are … Read more

May 19, 2012

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